Our Coaches

A student often works for years with the same coach, developing a close relationship that transcends sport competition. The coach often becomes a mentor and confidante guiding the student through all aspects of his or her development. The coach addresses time management and goal-setting, and all facets of training- physical, psychological, tactical, and technical.

With their coach’s guidance, a student may take advantage of the lively competition scene in and around New York. The coach often accompanies the student, perhaps along with club-mates, to tournaments that are appropriate to his or her age and experience level. As the fencer reaches for greater competitive challenges, he has the opportunity to move beyond local tournaments, to regional, national, or international competition.

Our coaches are the heart of the NAFA program. They are enthusiastic and professional, and they truly care about their students. The nurturing environment they create makes NAFA a great place for students to grow. NAFA’s coaches are dedicated to helping our students reach their goals, whatever they may be.

Our staff members have years of coaching experience. As fencers, they are seasoned competitors themselves, having achieved many national and international results. As coaches, they have guided numerous students to national rankings. Our experienced staff is well-trained and dedicated to continuous improvement.