Fencing Camps

Weekly lessons, both group and private, as well as consistent practices are mandatory for young fencers interested in both polishing their skills and in competing.

However, a short-term, intensive work-out is periodically in order to really pin down and master a certain skill.  That’s why New Amsterdam Fencing Academy’s core training program is regularly augmented with camps and clinics during the summer months (June through August), as well as over winter and spring school breaks.

For five hours a day, campers have the opportunity to experience unprecedented, in-depth training in footwork, bladework, and bouting, along with games to blow off some steam (while reinforcing key skills, of course).

Camp is also the perfect introduction to the noble sport of fencing.  Our summer curriculum is based on the same recipe as the school-year classes, building core skills and fencing experience while serving up lots of smiles and big doses of FUN!