Remote Fencing Classes

In the wake of the global outbreak, New Amsterdam Fencing Academy supports and salutes everyone’s efforts to remain safe.  We’re also here to help our families address the challenges of keeping our kids active and engaged while they are stuck at home.  NAFA –in partnership with our sister school, NAFA-North– is now offering remote fencing classes!  Students can register for one or two classes/week, Wednesdays and/or Saturdays. Classes begin April 15.

Fencers are encouraged to use foils or epees and to build home targets. But even without traditional weapons, fencers will get a great and productive practice. Wooden cooking spoons are fine substitutes for weapons and provide a focus on critical finger technique.  You might be amazed at how much can be accomplished with a sock or two, some nickels, and a utensil!

As always, we will focus on footwork and conditioning. Additionally, the online format gives fencers opportunities for individual attention and immediate feedback, and maintains an important sense of community.  We will also be optimizing the technology by reviewing and analyzing fencing footage. 

Let’s keep our students learning, laughing, and moving their bodies–and stronger, more focused, and strategic!