Youth, ages 9-12, Mondays 4:00 to 5:00. Foil
Upper West Side, 302 W. 91st Street and West End Ave., Annunciation Church

March 23 to June 8
***No class April 6, May 4, and May 25

At New Amsterdam Fencing Academy, fencers aged 9 through 12 enjoy weekly, hour-long group classes that emphasize the technical and the tactical aspects of the sport. Training is geared towards developing speed, strength, endurance, confidence, focus and self-control, all skills that help children do well not merely in fencing, but in school and in other organized sports.

Below is a list of gear that is required of fencers in the Youth 9 to 12 year-old groups.  We recommend Absolute Fencing Gear.
The minimum that every student should own is a FOIL mask, (smallest comfortable size). a jacket, and a glove.  These links are just suggestions.  If your child is committed to the sport, higher priced options are generally worth the investment.
Absolute Fencing offers a 5-piece beginner set, which is a good way to go.  The set includes a weapon, which is optional because we provide them, and a plastron, which is good additional protection.  We do not provide plastrons.   The plastic chest protector is also optional, as we provide a class set.  If you do opt to own a weapon, please choose size #2.
We provide all electric equipment.
There is sizing help on the site, here.  We can also help in class with size recommendations.  Average children in the youth classes wear a small mask, small glove, and 36 jacket.  The jacket sizes for this age range from about 34 to 40.

Feel free to contact us if you have further questions.