New Amsterdam Fencing Academy offers classes for kids of all ages, from pre-schoolers with foam sabers to competitive high school teams.  Our programs take place after school, in school, or in alternative learning environments. Want to talk about how fencing can work for you? Contact us. 

After School

NAFA is proud to offer the best in after school enrichment activities.  We provide equipment and qualified, enthusiastic staff who bring our fencing curriculum to your after school program.

In School

NAFA sets up in your gym or cafeteria and you send your students. We offer our fencing curriculum in period-long, half-day and full-day programs. Schools provide a “teacher of record” and we do the rest.

Other Programs

We also work with community centers and home school programs, which run our fencing curriculum on weekends or school-day hours.  Our flexible fencing programs can fit your unique situation.

The level of instruction for him is perfect; challenging but fun.

-Nicole A., Mom of Garrison, Age 14