2018 Fencing



East Side Team Results

Meet DateHostBoys ResultBoys WinnerGirls ResultGirls Winner
Baruch v ESMS2/11/20185-Team Meet8-1ESMS8-1ESMS
Baruch v ESMS1/10/2018ESMS5-4ESMS6-3Baruch
Baruch v IS 2762/11/20185-Team Meet5-4IS 2764-3IS 276
Baruch v IS 2762/5/2018Baruch5-4 IS 2769-0 (forfeit)Baruch
Baruch v LMC2/11/20185-Team Meet6-3LMC9-0 (forfeit)Baruch
Baruch v LMC1/26/2018LMC8-2
LMC - B Team
9-0 (forfeit)Baruch
Baruch v Yorkville
2/11/20185-Team Meet5-4Baruch1-0Yorkville
Baruch v Yorkville2/26/2018Baruch4-2Baruch9-0 (forfeit)Baruch
ESMS v IS 2762/11/20185-Team Meet8-1ESMS5-4ESMS
ESMS v IS 2761/22/2018IS 2766-3ESMS9-0 (forfeit)ESMS
2/11/20185-Team Meet5-4ESMS6-0 (forfeit)ESMS
ESMS v LMC2/14/2018ESMS8-1LMC9-0 (forfeit)ESMS
ESMS v Yorkville
2/11/20185-Team Meet9-0ESMS6-3ESMS
ESMS v Yorkville1/30/2018Yorkville5-4
Yorkville - B Team
3-0 (forfeit)Yorkville
IS 276 v LMC
2/11/20185-Team Meet7-2LMCN/AN/A
IS 276 v LMC
LMC - B Team
IS 276 v Yorkville
2/11/20185-Team Meet8-1IS 2764-3IS 276
IS 276 v Yorkville3/9/2018IS 2767-2IS 276N/AN/A
LMC v Yorkville2/11/20185-Team Meet5-4Yorkville3-0 (forfeit)Yorkville
LMC v Yorkville1/16/2018Yorkville9-0
LMC - B Team - coed
3-0 (forfeit)Yorkville


West Side Team Results

Meet DateHostBoys ResultBoys WinnerGirls ResultGirls Winner
Anderson v City Knoll2/10/20185-Team Meet8-1Anderson1-0City Knoll
Anderson v City Knoll1/29/2018City Knoll7-2 City Knoll1-0 (forfeit)City Knoll
Anderson v Computer2/10/20185-Team Meet8-1AndersonN/AN/A
Anderson v Computer1/9/2018Anderson6-3AndersonN/AN/A
Anderson v Lab2/10/20185-Team Meet9-0Anderson6-3Lab
Anderson v Lab1/23/2018Anderson7-2Lab8-1 Lab
Anderson v Quest
2/10/20185-Team Meet7-2Anderson1-0Anderson
Anderson v Quest
City Knoll v Computer
2/10/20185-Team Meet4-4Tie1-0 (forfeit)City Knoll
City Knoll v Computer
2/06/2018Computer7-2 City Knoll1-0 (forfeit)City Knoll
City Knoll v Lab
2/10/20185-Team Meet6-3City Knoll8-1Lab
City Knoll v Lab
City Knoll v Quest
2/10/20185-Team Meet2-0City Knoll1-0City Knoll
City Knoll v Quest
2/12/2018City Knoll9-0City Knoll7-2City Knoll
Computer v Lab
2/10/20185-Team Meet7-2Lab9-0Lab
Computer v Lab2/13/2018ComputerLab9-0 (forfeit)Lab
Computer v Quest
2/10/20185-Team Meet3-1Quest1-0 (forfeit)Quest
Computer v Quest
3/1/2018Quest7/2Computer9-0 (forfeit)Quest
Lab v Quest2/10/20185-Team Meet5-4Lab9-0Lab
Lab v Quest2/05/2018Lab6-3Lab5-4 Lab


Boys Individual Competition Results

Hui, BrianLower Manhattan Community School
2Chapman, DeanLower Manhattan Community School
3TLozano, EliasCity Knoll Middle School
3TFitzpatrick, SergioSimon Baruch Junior High
5Zdanowicz, TomasSimon Baruch Junior High
6Winston, JamesEast Side Middle School
7Labre, EnriqueSimon Baruch Junior High
8Sodhi, ArshmeetIS 276
9Antonucci, CooperEast Side Middle School
10Kettleson-Belinkie, OliverEast Side Middle School
11Ahn, LincolnIS 276
12Sit, TimothyThe Lab School
13Zhang, Jia XiangLower Manhattan Community School
14Sandoval, ChristianIS 276
15Early, CharlesThe Lab School
16Boonvisudhi, MaxIS 276
17Blair, AlexanderYorkville East Middle School
18DuBose, Amari-ChanceCity Knoll Middle School
19Santiago, JoshuaQuest to Learn
20Cusick, RileyEast Side Middle School
21JJLower Manhattan Community School
22Zhao, SamuelLower Manhattan Community School
23Cloud, WilliamLower Manhattan Community School
24Critelli, JohnThe Anderson School
25Kang, DanielCity Knoll Middle School
26Acuna, TomasThe Lab School
27Gorelik, PeterThe Anderson School
28Yu, DanielYorkville East Middle School
29Tsang, GordonThe Lab School
30Berger, JacobEast Side Middle School
31Chester, LucasThe Anderson School
32Cooke, HarrisonThe Lab School
33Robles, JoshuaQuest to Learn


Girls Individual Competition Results

Andonov, EllaEast Side Middle School
2Cuevas, SierraSimon Baruch Junior High
3TZhang, KarenThe Anderson School
3TPalisoul, AllisonThe Lab School
5Ahlman, ErikaQuest to Learn
6Huang, IvySimon Baruch Junior High
7Leslie, ElenaSimon Baruch Junior High
8Phanord, SydneyCity Knoll Middle School
9Estevez, JessicaCity Knoll Middle School
10Zhao, SamuelLower Manhattan Community School
11Chew, OliviaEast Side Middle School
12Phillips, Sian East Side Middle School
13Phillips, SydneyEast Side Middle School